9800 GX2 vs ATI 5830

I was wondering if you think its worth changing from a 9800 GX2 to a ATI 5830, its just i been offered a good deal on one, and my 9800 GX2 keeps overheating even with new heatsink and good cooling from the case.

I have been checking the benchmarks out for both these cards, and still can not come to a conclusion, i know that the 9800 GX2 is a dated card but its still a high end graphics card i think.
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  1. How much is the ATI 5830?
  2. I can get it for about £160
  3. If your gaming is being 'ruined' by overheating and its resulting artifacts/crashing then its worth it to get the new gpu. The 5830 in the later reviews I've read performs at the 4890~level. You might be able to o/c up to 900 or more for extra performance as well. The memory in all the 5 series cards is rated to run at 1200mhz, so there is some extra performance there to.
  4. Performance-wise you will not notice any gains, you would basically be upgrading for the lower power draw and DX11.
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