Is pc2100 RAM compatible with a pc3200 board

i bought 2x 1 gig pc2100 ram sticks, will this work with my board? the stock ram sick is a pc3200 and is 512mb
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  1. What motherboard? What type RAM? DDR? DDR2? DDR3?
  2. i have no idea how to check what motherboard i have, and its jjust DDR 266 1 gig stick i install it it turns on beeps and wont boot. the RAM already in it is a 512mb DDR pc3200
  3. The PC 2100 RAM is not as fast as the PC3200. You might have better luck if you slow the PC3200 down to PC2100 speeds in the BIOS. Or it may be that your motherboard won't support the PC2100 ram.
  4. can you tell me how to do that?
  5. If your computer is a pre-built (HP, Dell, Gateway, Cmpaq etc.) probably not as they lock their BIOS's. If you built it, I suggest you look in your motherboard manual for info on updating your particular BIOS.
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