New cheap custom made gaming comp :D

Ok, took me a while but i found these parts to make a cheap gaming comp for my budget, and need opinions on what to change and such.






Case/DVD :


Im not a hardcore gamer, but i still game. My current budget is under $600 which INCLUDES shipping and taxes. I need some suggestions and if the parts are all compatible :D
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  1. This motherboard is better, $15 more, no CrossFireX but you wouldn't be able to with the other board properly as the lanes run at x16/x4:

    This card is around $15 more after rebates, but is quite a bit faster:

    Spend $16 more for the AMD Athlon II X3 440 and get an extra core, well worth it:

    Lower latencies same price RAM:

    If you just want one 4 GB for DIMM for possible 16 GB expansion later (overkill frankly) then just leave it.

    That PSU is extreme overkill, save $30 (after rebate) and get the Corsair CX400W:

    That PSU should be more than enough for an HD 5850 or GTX 460 should you want to upgrade later on.
  2. Also, do consider 2 2 gb sticks so you can run dual channel.
  3. Nice recommendation Lmeow, but I would like to go a bit higher with the PSU, I think 450W will give extra free room.

    @rottentomatolol :
    1. X3 is the lowest proc I can go for now. Please don't go below that if you can still afford it. And, perhaps you are lucky and can unlock the fourth core.
    2. 2x2 GB RAM is more recommendable as 1x4GB.
    3. HD5770 is actually my standard for mainstream gaming rig, but if it doesn't fit to the budget, just follow Lmeow's recommendation.
  4. $513AR

    And before somebody no particular real hands on experience outside his/her comfort zone screams "but it's not a <insert uber brand here>"

    TA785G3 HD OC + Unlock enthusiast review :P
  5. Will i also need to buy an OS for this, cause if i did, that would make the prices go past my budget >.>
  6. Of course you would yes. First thing i do in a budgeted build is take away the cost of Win 7 from the budget and thats your real budget for parts.
  7. Linux!
  8. well i was kind of hoping windows o.O
  9. Hahahahahaha......
  10. Hey dude, if you have microcenter nearby, might check them out, they've got a special going on, buy an AMD chip, get a free motherboard with it. So might be worth looking into, maybe it would put you over the top and give you enough to grab Windows 7.
  11. I would recommend spending 1 more dollar and upgrading to the 4850

    Then again, if you were counting on that Rebate, i don't know what to tell you haha
  12. nah i wasnt counting on the rebate but i guess i can squeeze in a few more bucks :o
  13. Nice lower budget build
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