Split between 4870 and a 5770

So yeah, they belong to the same hierarchy and both of them have the following pros :-

4870 :- better than 5770 in terms of raw performance and cheaper than 5770
5770 :- presumably cooler, more efficient ( dx11 and eyefinity also but dont care much abt them )

I have a cheap 40$ gigabyte case which only has a single 120mm Fan and my current gpu runs at 56*C idle. and my psu :-

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So really, i want help on choosing the best gpu based on the following :-

Low operating temperature ( must not touch 90s, thats all i need :P )
Best Price : Performance ratio
Capable of running on my current PSU

and yes... i've recieved many recommendations for 5770 before but i dont really want its dx11 or eyefinity... and i wont be crossfiring coz my mobo is not capable to do so. Will build a new build within 2 years if i upgrade the gpu now

i game mostly on the resolution of 1680x 1050 and the following games :-

Bad company 2
Dirt 2
Toca race driver
Counter strike source
saints row 2

and some more games which i cant remember the name of. I right now play at 800x600 with my 8600 gt so im not spoiled by high graphic settings.. im just casual!

If my PSU turns out to be useless, recommend some PSU's at 600-700W range which can xfire 5770s, as i will also use them in my future build
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006

    Unless your budget cannot fit it then


    Unless you can deal with


    Those all seem like decent PSU and the last one someone said it runs their 5770's crossfired great.

    Yea your power supply sounds extremely cheap.

    Like you said you aren't to caring into the ultra high settings and from the sounds of it running cooler would be better for you but this also isn't bad http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102834&Tpk=sapphire%204850 in the terms of cooling. I suggest you look for a decent 4850 if you do get a new PS unit. I also run the 8600GT and it idles around 46-55 on average so it isn't your case the card just runs a bit hot.
  2. rofl why did the 4850 enter the scope? its 130$ for which i believe i can get a 4870.

    @ PSU the kingwin looks sick! The 650W TX is something that im looking at for a long time..
    btw how do ocz and coolmaster power supplies work? like are they good? people say coolmasters are not reliable...
  3. Personally i would chose the HX series from corsair because the products are more reliable and a higher quality then Tx series.

    If you buy this model it will be enough even for crossfire 5770 or 4870. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139010
    That's if you buy a new motherboard in the future.

    Also for a video card i would say to buy the 5770, even more since you have a case that has 1 cooler. The 4870 get's hot and with your airflow will "burn" wile gaming. You might want to consider buying a new case also when gaming take the side panel of so that your temperatures will stay low. I currently own a 5770 and i can tell you that it can run crysis at 1680x1050 at max settings(meaning very high) and with AA 2x or disabled. But that depends on the rest of the components also.

    If you do not want to crossfire or do sli in the future this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139012 will suffice your needs with all of the video cards on the market now including the GTX480 and 5970 at stock speeds.

    The first power supply might be a better future proof product.

    As for brands i favor the sapphire technology. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102858
    Of you could get the vapor-x model witch stays cooler.
  4. I heard that OCZ power supplies were decent but never looked into coolmaster power supplies, the 4850 preforms decent so that is why I threw it out there but in terms of the 5770 and 4870, whichever your budget entails. If you want to crossfire the 5770's later then get them.
  5. @ jason, ok thats what i thought also, maybe i shuld just go with 5770 now and might go tor corsair 650tx or the kingwin (<- looks great )

    @ ionut gaaaaah all ur psu's are way above my budget :( my max for psu is 90$ now... but realy, awesome recommendations and tips.. this case has been giving me headache with the front panel audio and usb too so i might change it... and until then, open the side of the case :P and yes im gonna take a 5770!
  6. Cool, yeah if you are going to SLI them later might as well knock one of the two out. Yeah if you want reliability go with the corsair. Though the kingwin doesn't look bad either especially being modular and all. Your choice though.
  7. another question, how great of OC'ers are the 4870 and the 5770? any comparison on that?
  8. I just looked it up and the 5770 seems to be the better overclocker, but I cannot give you any direct advice but that because Ive never overclocked anything.
  9. Go for the HD 5770 since it consumes much less power than the HD 4870. The HD 4870 is not depicted below, but it does consume more power than the HD 4850.

    Since the HD 5770 runs 10C cooler than the HD 4870, it should overclock better. But I'm not sure.

    It is possible that you may not need to immediately upgrade your PSU if you purchase the HD 5770, but that depends on the rest of your system specs and how old your current PSU is.
  10. If you decide to buy the HD 5770 and keep your PSU, then I recommend that you do not overclock as it will be too weak for that.
  11. I am assuming the way he is talking that he will be able to upgrade the PSU and still be able to afford a 5770. In that case I suggest you get the kingwin while it is on sale then get a 5770. Also do you already know what 5770 you want?
  12. I can tell you that my 5770 is the vapor-x version and the core has 10MHz more then the stock version. So core from 860 MHz i went to 960MHz with no problem what so ever. RAM has 1200MHz(4800 effective speed) and i overclocked it to 1350 with no problems.

    I can not go higher with it probably because of the voltage limitations or the heat(the RAM that is on the back of the card has no heatsink). Others with my card could not get that high with the core clock and had to stop at about 940MHz, yet others could overclock their memory to 1400 MHz and more without any volt mods. (volt mods-increasing the voltage by modifying something)

    I would say that the 5770 is a good overclock'er.

    And i know that the psu's i recommended are a little more expensive but they are worth it. You could keep the one you have and save money for one that is good and buy it later on.

    I also recommend you do not overclock anything until you have the money for a new PSU. At 1680x 1050 you won't have to eider, in most games:).

    Also i would suggest Sapphire products, the ones i used have not failed me until now. But that's just me. Others recommend the XFX models witch have double life time warranty(you need to register for that warranty from what i know, witch is no problem).

    See witch ones you like and can afford and post here so we can help you pick the better one.
  13. He definitely needs a new PSU. If you read the label the +12v rails max out at 19a. The HD5770 is very low power for its performance but I still wouldn't run it on that PSU.
    I would go for the 650TX for the PSU. It's a good deal with the rebate and can easily power crossfired HD5770s.
  14. Even a cheap 400W PSU from corsair would power his PC with no problem. Something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139008
    With one video card. (small ad..he he..)
  15. Cheapest one if all you will do is 1680x1050 for a couple of years at most with no need for dx11 or crossfire!

    In your setup performance will be same so pay less for same performance!
  16. ionut19 said:
    Even a cheap 400W PSU from corsair would power his PC with no problem. Something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139008
    With one video card. (small ad..he he..)

    He wants to SLI them in the future, why buy a 400 watt and then have to replace it when getting a higher wattage is in his budget?
  17. ok now i know my psu is completely uselss and that i have to get a new psu.. since im getting new one ill make sure i get the max as i can ( ofcourse, not more than 700W ). As for gpu, im still breaking my mind between 5770 and 4870 ( and also 4890 coz its very well within the price range of 5770 ) but since i live in middle east, prices might be different here and will have a look... 5770 is on the lead now coz its future proof ( add another in xfire in another build )

    thank you guys for ur time!
  18. There's already a number of DX11 games so I would really favor the HD5770 if you want some thing to keep you happy for a while. The power efficiency/low heat factor is also a great advantage if you are considering a crossfire setup for the future as you seem to be.
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