I need to replace my current psu

My computer runs smooth, hasn't shown too many problems within the 5 months I've had it. But what originally worried me, was that the 4pin connector on my psu was a bit short, it just managed to reach perfectly but wraps over my gpu, and it only has a single 6pin connector. I want to get a second 5770 vapor-x in crossfire, and the psu is only 500w, which makes me believe it would just work; although the 4pin connector won't be able to reach. I would like to find a cheap psu (under 80$) that runs my computer fine and has longer cables.

Another note:
I run 3 Internal HDD's@7200RPM, 1 External HDD@7200RPM.

Case is a med-sized one.

I am currently using a Rosewill 500w psu, I know Rosewill gets alot of negative comments on their psu's, but it works perfectly for what I was using, and it came as a combo deal with the case I got.
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