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Hello, i am looking for used/unchecked/scrape hdd
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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

    YOU DO NOT WANT A USED HDD! Its is a terrible idea. It could be dead or otherwise contain sensitive info. If you sell your used HDD, be prepared for ID theft.

    Go here for a new drive:
  2. Used HDDs is not a good idea unless the sole purpose is to store temporary data that is not important to you.

    Basically, unless you know the individual personally, meaning you can go over to his/her place to run some tests on the HDD, you should avoid used drives at all cost.
  3. It doesn't sound like he needs a working HDD, because I'm pretty sure that last word was supposed to be SCRAP.

    Ebay is always full of people selling old, unchecked and scrapped HDDs. I would do a search there or Craiglist or a similar site.
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