Nvidia Graphics card 6600 OLD not compatible with motherboard?


I just bought a new ASUS motherboard (M4A87TD)

I was planning on upgrading my graphics card but can't afford to at the minute.

The mobo has a PCI Express x 16 2.0 slot.

The card I have is PCI Express but about 7 years old so prob the first version.

It fits in the slot and when I boot up I get no BIOS beeps but just a blank screen and no signal to my monitor.

I read some posts that states that some Nvidia cards are not compatible with ASUS motherboards??? Has anyone else experienced this???

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  1. PCIe slots are supposed to be backwards compatible. Your card should work. Can you confirm that the card is still good (does it work in another system?)

    Check your motherboard connections. No beeps mean something isn't hooked up right (or no speaker, obviously). If it were a video card problem, you would hear some beeps.
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