Which drive should i get?

Ok, im upgrading to an SSD in the next month but i also want to get a second hard drive. My current hard drive is a Seagate 7200.12 1tb that my friend got me for my build.

Im currently looking for a secondary hard drive that, if it is better, could be my primary storage drive. My plan is to put the apps that benefit on an ssd on my ssd and whatever other programs in my primary storage drive. The secondary drive ideally going to store my gameplay videos as well as record them. I have 2 drives in mind:

WD Caviar Black 1tb:
WD Caviar Green 2tb:

1- Would the green drive work for recording long videos?
2- Would it be bad to use the green drive as my storage drive and the seagate as the gameplay drive?
3- Any benefits of getting the Caviar black drive as any drive in my build?

These are just a few questions. If anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :D
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  1. 1) Yes.
    2)No. you can get more space for the same price, why not? Using the seagate HDD for game is good idea, and the green for the storage.
    3) the black one is faster than the green one. But if you use for storage, get the green one.

    So get the green one.
  2. For storage, any of those would do. Yes speed will be slow but for storage, that is ok.
  3. So, since my seagate is already fast, get the green drive for its capacity instead of speed?
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