Upgrading processors - Do I need a better cpu cooler?


I presently have a Dell Optiplex 745 that has a Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU that runs at 2.13 Ghz. I just recently purchased a E6700 2.66 Ghz processer. They are both LGA775 chips.

The PC came with a large heatsink connected to a fan that blows outwards to draw heat from the heatsink. I am concerned about this new CPU might run considerably hotter than the old chip. Because Dell likes to use proprietary components I don't seem to have much of an option as far as upgrading to a bigger heatsink. (heatsink brackets are attached to the motherboard)

Is there any option that I have now? I have thought about purchasing a few larger fans and putting them inside the case to optimize airflow but my main concern is the possibility of the CPU overheating. I have also considered liquid cooling but that get's expensive and I'm not sure about compatibility with Dell cases.

Any suggestions or feedback?

The link below is the spec sheet from Dell:
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  1. They both have a TDP of 65watts so the same cooler is fine.
  2. thanks for the tips all, i will definitely blow out all the dust/debris inside the mini-tower as well as cleaning the heatsink itself.

    As for the thermal compound, I brought some $5 stuff at the local Microcenter. Not sure what brand it was but i'll check again.
  3. Guess I'm gonna have to return this as there is no mention of AS5.
  4. Decided to play it safe and purchased the Arctic Silver 5 paste, I heard its probably the best paste you can use......

    Thanks again !
  5. Quote:
    Decided to play it safe and purchased the Arctic Silver 5 paste, I heard its probably the best paste you can use......

    No. It is no longer the best. The best out now would be Shin Etsu, IC Diamond, and MX3/MX4.

    Anyways, not to be a d1ck but that upgrade was some what pointless. You really won't benefit much from that extra speed in most cases. How much did you pay for that CPU?
  6. ^ Yes. It is still a good choice, but imo, it is now over prices (in terms of price vs performance).
  7. Shadow: Actually it wasn't really an upgrade, I brought the case/motherboard from a guy for really cheap but it didn't have a CPU or RAM, so I did some research and found the E6700 2.6Ghz processor to be the fastest processor that will work with the mobo and chipset (it was a pain in the ass cuz Dell uses these Foxconn boards that are not documented on Foxconn's site.

    Anyway, I paid $80 for the CPU on Fleabay (yea it sucks that I paid so much but thats what fits the board and Intel no longer makes those chips else I would have brought something better.
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