HDD and SSD in one bracket ok ?


I am getting ready build a general use PC. I just purchased 2 SSDs; one to upgrade my laptop and one to use as the boot drive in the new build. I wanted to use my old 2.5 inch mechanical hdd as a storage drive in the new build. My question is would it be ok to mount both the SSD and the old mechanical HDD on one bracket using one of these: or something similar that allows you to mount 2 2.5 inch drives into 1 3.5 inch drive bay? Or would heat from the mechanical HDD be to much of an issue? any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. just mount the HDD on top so it can dissipate the heat better
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    Yes. that will be fine. Neither the SSD nor the HDD will generate that much heat. As Emerald said, mount the HDD on top for best results.
  3. Thanks for the input!
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