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Hello, I hooked up my multimedia HP computer to my new TV and got everything working except the sound. I have an old surround sound system connected to it wich go to the tv but there is only one out put. My PC has a DVI out put that only carries vide not sound so I can't use aHDMI cable. What do I do to get sound that goes through the surround sound?
Is tere a sound card I can buy that has a HDMI output?
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    Alright, assuming you don't want to hook everything up via a digital receiver, the only two soundcards on the market with HDMI In/Out are the ASUS HDAV 1.3 and the Auzentech Home Theatre HD. Of the two, the Auzentech HTHD seemed more polished when it came out, but I haven't used either, so I can't personally comment.

    If you want more expert advice on what the HTHD or HDAV1.3 can or can not do, I recommend sending a PM to ROBSCIX over at the guru3d forums. I'm not as fimilliar with either card as I would like....
  2. use the optical out of your soundcard to the optical input of the ... hmm. not sure how you have the tv setup.. if the tv has an optical in try that first, then try the receiver/amp on the surround sound system.
  3. Depends on how old his TV is; most TV's at least have a AC97 or Optical input these days, but it wasn't too long ago those were rare. And I know in my case, theres an audio delay if I don't use HDMI (I suspect some form of audio upmixing in my case, but just another headache to consider).

    If I knew more about the OP's setup, I could make a few more recommendations...
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  5. Thanks for all your help. I will check out the new soundcards and see if they will work. Thanks agin everyone.
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