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Hi .i am new at this forum. i want to ask you about my system upgrade. i am using Dell Optiplex GX270 Tower with following configuration.

Intel p4 3.0 Ghz processor x86 based pc , Windows Xp
512 MB RAM
Intel 82865 graphic controller with 96 MB memory size (intel extreme graphics 2).
250 watt power supply.

I want to upgrade my system just to run Windows 7 tell me what kind of graphic card i can put in...?...or Can i add additional 32 mb video ram,so i could have Aero effects...? ...and 1.5 gb Ram enough or 2 gb ram...?? this is an old computer so i cant spend to much money on it....

So, someone please help me what is best for my system.....waiting for your reply...

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  1. Please just leave it as it is don't upgrade it.
  2. ^+1.. Why do you need to put 7 on it?
  3. Install a MINIMUM of 3-4gb RAM.

    Then your go to go mate. Vista/7 use 2GB RAM for there operating system, and run like a bag of dogs if there is anytihng less then 2GB in the system.

    Did an upgrade on a friends PC a couple of weeks ago from XP 32bit to Win 7 32bit, he had 1GB Ram and it was horrible slow. Even after a reformat. Installed 4GB into it, and sweet as a Nut..
  4. Adding 2-3 more GB of RAM on a machine with a old P4 doesn't make any sense. Keep Win XP, but as soon as you get a new PC ditch XP and install Win 7.
  5. Plus why upgrade a whole system, if the OP just wants a new look and feel operation system and a minor upgrade to do this?

    All cause they want Win7 on there machine, doesnt mean to be spending $$$ or £££ on a system upgrade for internet/emailing purposes..
  6. Quote:
    difference of opinion.
    let's agree to disagree, have a good day.


    Exactly, seems people views on a minor upgrade for a small purpose seem to be a overhall of a whole system.
  7. Quote:
    it's cool tho.
    nothing wrong with mature competitive banter.
    invigorates the mind.. :)

    lol, ive just spent £1500 on a SLI GTX470, overclocked i7 930 setup to watch you tube videos and check emails inbetween
  8. It's a P4 CPU, not a Core 2. (or an AM2/AM2+ Athlon X2) If it was a Core 2, i'd agree, they're still solid CPU's, but P4's are weak, and spending money for upgrading a 6 years old system just doesn't make sense imo.
  9. The only thing the OP's missing, according to the minimum requirement of Windows 7, is just another 1.5 GB of RAM for the 64-bit version. That's it. Which puts me in the similar POV with Dipankar and initial Reccy.

    @malmental: +1 for the advantage of having different perspectives. It would be boring if every reply on this forum only consists of "^+1"s... :lol:

    @unknown: Everyone has their own opinion. IMO, this will be a good chance for the OP to decide whether or not he's gonna need a total upgrade of his PC after experiencing the OS himself. As they say: "Experience is the best teacher". :)

    As for my personal opinion, I'm speechless... A 96MB of graphic memory size? :P Well, might as well go for it. My late P4 only used a 64MB Asus AGP card... :P You'll never know 'till you've tried. Just make sure to get that extra RAM if you want to have a smooth operating 7. :D
  10. unknown_13 said:
    It's a P4 CPU, not a Core 2. (or an AM2/AM2+ Athlon X2) If it was a Core 2, i'd agree, they're still solid CPU's, but P4's are weak, and spending money for upgrading a 6 years old system just doesn't make sense imo.

    So your saying, upgrade the whole PC just for email and web surfing? Isnt that a bit over the top??
    Upgrading a 6 year old PC for a few ££/$$ for the OP's purposes, or spend a good few $$$/£££ on a whole new system upgrade to do exactly what the P4 would be doing?
    If he wanted to play games, yes i'd completely agree, out with the old in with the new, but surely if this serves his needs and justs needs a little tweek, surely thats more sensible?

    A Single core P4, with 3GB of Ram running Win7 for word processing and/or email/web surfing is perfectly fine.
  11. I've said what i have to say, i'm done here.
  12. Question
    If going from xp 32 to win 7 32..... are'nt the ram limitations the same 3.5 ish? I have a p4 3.0 ht and have avoiding win 7 because I can't go 64 and I already have 3.5 ram installed . Am I going to see a performance difference (going xp to 7)? Of course I have tons of software installed and woud be a major undertaking to switch to win 7 but do you all think I should (performance wise don't need bells and whistles)? I also have a 4650 (agp) with a gb of ram installed so a good portion of my ram is not being used. I play cod4, edit some video, lots of photo stuff (cs2), and a ton of multitasking going on (Me, wife, and two children share machine). I would only upgrade if I would see a difference and would buy retail so I could install in my future build. I don't have good gaming performance but I live with it. I can have email open several ie8 windows open with multiple tabs and maybe a excell spreadsheet open and the computer will handle it. If working with video, cs2 or cod need to shut most everything else down

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