Server ram upgrade - asus z8pe-d18 getting extra ram quick question


I have very quick n simple question.

Can I do it, will it work ?

I cant go wrong on it coz shop wont accept return of ram...

I have


and 2x3 4gb Kingston ram to be specific >

I need to uprade my ram now and can I use...


this ram >

It only difference is Dual band instead of quad band from what I notice...

BUT also can I use this ram ?

Its quad band but 4x8 gb...

I think I would stick it in for 1 cpu and in 4-8 months I'd get another 3 stick of it for second CPU...

Will it work ?

Thanks ! See you later!.
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  1. Hello Dariusz, you can also try this one->
  2. Heya

    Yup I know I can try... but I rather not to risk it... question is will my server motherboard run with it or no... ?
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