Flashing HD 5850 with 5870 Bios

hi there,

i bought a sapphire hd 5850 reference from someone who flashed it with sapphire hd 5870 reference bios.

my question here: should i flash it back with original 5850 bios & modify clocks with Radeon Bios Editor & winflash, or keep the 5870 bios??

some friend told me that keeping the 5870 bios may affect my card & cause problems later.

if i have to re flash, is winflash safe to use or should i use the flash stick method??

fast response will be highly appreciated.
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  1. If it is running 100% stable at the 5870's 850mhz then why flash it back ?
    You haven't mentioned that, but that would be the only reason I can think of.
  2. I flashed my 5850 with a 5870 bios to address the low-voltage screen flashing that was happening to the monitor connected to the DP. It wasn't fixed completely, but it definitely made it better.

    If you don't need to have the 5850 bios on that card, i'd leave it with the 5870.
  3. it works graet @ 850/1200

    i'm just afraid that it may harm the card later.
  4. as long as temps stay within range you have nothing to worry about..
  5. what's the stock volt for the HD 5850 ??
  6. NaAZoOR said:
    what's the stock volt for the HD 5850 ??

    1.118v but it also depends on the model, some OC'ed versions have it bumped up to around 1.125v
  7. i reflashed the card with 5850 unlocked ASUS Bios with 850/1200 @ stock volt.

    it worked great & stable, but all 2D apps run with 157/300 .. i failed to make it run @ 400/900 even with full HD movies...

    any ideas??
  8. the 2d clocks are supposed to run @ 157/300 to save power..
  9. I used the BIOS editor from Guru3D to make my own BIOS. I found my 5850s were ok up to about 875/1200 at stock voltage. Right now I believe I have them running at 960/1200 with 1.15V also on my "custom" BIOS.

    As for 2D clocks, 157/300 is the default idle clock to save power. 400/900 is considered the "unified video decoder" speed but also with crossfire that's what the 2nd card wants to always idle at (which I believe addresses some screen flashing issues). If you're not having issues I'd leave it.
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