[Help] Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered.


I'm having the error of 'display driver has stopped responding and has recovered'

I'm running the following...
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T
8gb of Kingston 667 mhz
HD 5870
650w Cosair PSU

This computer is brand new, no dust, nothing. I've had this error from the get go and can't seem to find any solutions.
Drivers are fully up-to-date and everything.

Now what exactly happens is this...
I run a game and when the GPU reaches a point where it is taxed, it will freeze, randomly put a colour on screen and then hold that colour for about 4-6 seconds. The cards fan stops during this hold on colour then the card kicks back in and I have the error 'display driver has stopped responding and has recovered' displayed by the little microsoft icon in the bottem right.

I have boosted the cards fan up to 100% to test whether that stops the problem, however it doesn't so i assume heat is not the problem here.

What is wrong? and is there a fix?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've had that happen after I've overclocked the card - be sure your card's setting's are set to stock. If you no longer get lock-ups, then try incremental OC increases. When it locks-up at the higher settings, reduce them to the ones that worked without lock-up. Profile Manager works well here, because you'll find some games can be played at high OCs, while others cannot - create a profile for each of your games.
  2. I would suspect the power supply.

    He only sees the issue when the graphics card is drawing the most power. Graphics cards being the beasts they are nowadays, that can tax a power supply. I had one that did that for me then eventually failed to the point I could boot the board, but as soon as the high rezz desktop kicked in, the computer would spontaneously reboot. With a different brand of video card (from ATI5870 to GTX480), the symptom changed to the screen going black some seconds after the windows 7 desktop appears.

    I replace the power supply. I could overclock my board to max; I could run stress for 8 threads on the processor at %100 and all pipes of my graphics card running at max speed for 8 hours with no errors. I was convinced it was the power supply at fault; not dead, but not putting out enough current when needed.

    I urge anyone spec'ng their own system to calculate using any of a number of online calculators to determine the power requirements for any configuration of system.
  3. With my Radeon HD 5770 (under Windows 7) I tried everything
    in the last year, voltage/timings, CCC settings, power options,
    different drivers. Nothing helped.

    But people were saying that removing one stick of memory works.
    So I replaced 2+2Gb of my DDR3 for one module only, 4Gb.
    And it works.
    Doesn't matter what driver/timings/overclocking I use. Just works!

    PS For those who have problem with flash video only, switch off hardware acceleration in flash player setting, it helps.
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