No Hdmi signal in Monitor?

Hi, I have a brand new hdmi Asus 20 something inch monitor. I mainly use it for playing games movies internet. I do use hdmi cord running from my tower to my tv so taht i can play movies and also my game on my tv.
Today i went to turn on my monitor and it said No Hdmi signal and then the screen went back into sleep mode with the black screen. I turn on my tv and i can see what my monitor should be showing because of the hdmi. I have never run a hdmi cord through my monitor so i dont know what it means it saying no hdmi signal? Please help.
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  1. Use the menu to got to Input Selections and selct vga or dvi, whichever way you have your monitor connected. You may need to revert your primary display on the pc back to the monitor instead of the tv.
  2. if your talking about the montior menu then i cannot access that option. Once you turn on the monitor you get the blue light like its on then you get a blue background with the No hdmi signal message, then seconds later it goes back orange light black screen like its in sleep mode. All the options on hte monitor dont seem to work. Any suggestions plz write to me like a child so i can understand fully plz. thank you
  3. In your video card (at the back of your computer) you have a HDMI connector (this one you connect to your TV) I guess the other one is a VGA (small one) or a DVI (big one) connected to your monitor which is the Asus 20" - You cannot go wrong with this one because either way it won't fit if it is the wrong one. Disconnect the TV (HDMI) then turn the computer on the display should be on the Asus 20".
  4. ASUS "HDMI No Signal"


    I had this issue today with my ASUS LCD monitor. I called tech support and they couldn't help me at all, they recommended an RMA. I checked online and couldn't find anything either. I fixed it... it is extremely simple!! I want to post this online for others having this problem. At the moment, the ASUS website is down, or else I'd be posting it on their forum.

    If you are having this issue, press the button just to the left of the Power button, it will cycle through the available inputs. Press it until you see your desktop...

    The manual does NOT say anything about this button, and it is not marked well. One thing I cannot believe is that ASUS actually told me to RMA the monitor... I asked them repeatedly "Are you sure there is not anything I can do to fix it?" and they just kept telling me that it was a "known issue" and that an RMA would likely be the only solution.

    So, if you are having this problem, press the button to the left of the Power button and it will fix it!

    Tell you what, I almost had a stroke over this. It's my birthday, and I thought my monitor died. I was in disbelief, and am still in disbelief over the service I got from customer support.

    What's more? The manual included with the monitor does not even give a customer support phone number, or any type of troubleshooting, I had to go online to find it on my laptop. I found that an unfortunate amount of people were actually RMA'ing the monitor. I want to post this to help anyone having this issue.

    Just wanted to thank Bushpilot223 from another site that i went and did some researching from. If anyone ever has this issue here is the easy fix. My hand or my printer must of hit this button and put it into hdmi mode not the vga or dvi mode it needed to be in. I would like to select this as my best answer for my question
  5. This problem won't happen if you turn on LCD first and then turn on PC.
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