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I've got a bit of a budget for some upgrades to my aging rig and would like to ask for some opinions from the community. The spec is:

Intel Q6600
Asus P5Q Mobo
XFX GF9600 Alpha Dog (Factory OC'ed)
4GB Kingston Hyperx DDR2 PC6400
512GB Samsung F1

I'm going to put a new PSU in and I think I'm going to go for a Corsair 650W TX, but any advice on that side of things is welcome too.

I use the machine for development and design work and the machine is doing it's job admirabbly enough but I do like to spend some money on it every once in a while just to refresh it.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!
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  1. Well, your system is somehow similar to mine.
    The best possible upgrades for your system without buying a new rig are :
    1. Get an SSD, OCZ Vertex 2 or Crucial C300
    2. Get a better GPU for example HD5850
    3. Get a good proc fan and the OC your proc a bit let say to 3.0GHz.

    Something wrong with your old PSU? If yes, Corsair makes good PSUs. You don't have to worry about that. 650W is more than enough for just 1 HD5850 and the OC.

    Take a look at my system for reference.

    BTW : you can find better proc fans and SSDs than mine. I upgraded my system about 4 months ago.
  2. Thank guanyu210379,

    I was just reading up on OC stability for the CPU - I think I'll definatley do that. The SSD is a good shout.

    I use an Asus Silent Knight fan on the CPU, it does a good job (it should, it's the size of Boeing engine) :)
  3. Having done some brief research, SSD is top of the list! Thank again.
  4. Yup! SSD is the best upgrade for almost every relatively new rig such as yours.

    The OC thing, I have done that since I bought my system 3 years ago, so, not really an upgrade here. hehehehe...
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