Windows XP tries to format all extarnal drives

Hi all,

I've just got back from a few month holiday and as usual my bro has been using the computer and it is now riddled with malware.

I had the 'File Recovery" fake program running which hides data and prevents access to system tools and internet. That's all cleared and the system seems to be running fine now.

The only problem I'm having now and I don't know if its related to that previous issue, is that any external memory device I plug into my computer prompts me to format the drive when I click on it. Dxternal HDD's, SD cards, USB flash drives etc...

I know all the drives are ok as I have checked them on other computers and they were never connected to the computer during the Malware infection.

Any ideas what I should be looking at?

Thanks all
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  1. you also have to clean all the restore point and the back up made from that xp pc since you got the virus and i would do a full scan without network connected and do a malwarebytes test for spywares using the free one
  2. I did a full scan using malwarebytes and it removed a few infections. there are no restore points previous to the infection as I think it may have wiped them out. Still cant get any of my flash drives to work, even in safe mode.

    Can any one give me any suggestions??
  3. do you have any ? mark in the control panel under peripheral also did you try the win xp repair from the cd
  4. My rule of thumb: if you got a virus, repair enough to save data, backup, and wipe.

    It sounds like whatever virus you had changed what program Windows opens your drives with to the reformat program. That's deep registry stuff there.

    You may have to backup using a network if you can.


    If you need help with the backup/reformat process, I'd be glad to walk you through it, but you will have a bit of reading to do if you don't know some parts.
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