Acer Aspire M1641 PSU upgrade

I am thinking about upgrading my Computer's graphics card and then came the issue of upgrading my PSU. So for the Acer Aspire M1641 what kind of PSu would be compatible??
Upgradeing my Graphics card to a Geforce 9500GT
Also having the issue of my current graphics card Geforce 7100 integraded with the mother board anyway to disable it??
Thank You!
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  1. Being a mini tower it will accept any std size ATX PSU here is a nicely priced unit from Corsair that will run your system with the new card easily
    The integrated can be disabled in BIOS.
  2. Thanks rolli59,
    I'm a bit in need of making sure but would this do also?? for a PSU?
    Also I was looking around the Net and was wondering what BIOS is?
  3. Yes it will work although Thermaltake does not come as highly recommended as corsair in the PSU business. Other units to look at is Antec. BIOS (basic input/output system) is sometimes called setup and is accessed on start up before loading operating system.
    The corsair at tiger
  4. ooooh!
    the corsair one from tiger is cheaper thanks!
    oh and just to clarify I see that for the Geforce 9500 there are 2 brands that I am thinking of buying but which one is better Galaxy or EVGA?
    Galaxy is much cheaper but the pricing between the two kinda concerns me.
    Also I see that there is the option of having a 512 Mb and a 1GB would the 1 Gb work on my computer or does it matter? (Acer Aspire M1641)
  5. The EVGA is the better brand, the memory size 512mb or 1GB does not matter for cards at that performance level but both will work.
    Just saw that tiger has a great deal on after rebate which is a much better card.
  6. Thanks rolli59!
    Appreciate the help!
  7. The Thermaltake is overrated crap; the little voltage switch is a giveaway to an obsolete design.
    Corsair makes good PSUs, but the Builder series looks like FAIL to me because it isn't even 80+; their old CX PSUs were, and the Antec Earthwatts are 80+ BRONZE. I'm not sure why Corsair would take a backwards step like that. Anyway, I've bought a few of the 380W Earthwatts, and they are quiet and solid as well as efficient.
  8. Hey I have an installation problem!
    First I installed the PSU, no problems.
    Then i put in the Graphics card (Geforce 9500) and the monitor goes black. Any solutions?
    Thank you!
  9. Oh and I haven't done anything with BIOs and the integrated Graphics card is still in operation, I'm then kinda new at the BIOs could someone tell me the steps for it?
    Thank YoU!
  10. Integrated removed in device manager before installation of new card?
    PCIe selected as default in BIOS integrated disabled?
    If card needs external power from PSU cable hooked up?
    Video cable hooked up to new card?
  11. Well All I did was first install the PSU and hooked everything up turned it on everything was fine, and then installed the Graphics card, just by putting it in the slot that its supposed to go in and then when I turned it on the monitor was black.
  12. I was wondering, but if I were to disable the graphics card would I be still able to use the computer? as in like monitor?
  13. The integrated is the default if it is disabled because of a new discrete card is installed it will enable again by resetting BIOS to defaults.
    Basic steps installing a new card; In device manager disable old card (deletes drivers)/ shut down and physically install new card and make all connections/Start up and install drivers for new card.
    If video is not shown on the new card go back to integrated and enter BIOS/setup on start up and select PCIexpress as default for graphics.
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