Type of ram ECC or non-ECC and settings to look for and setup in bios


Like to get some input for a gaming server What type of RAM to use on a dedicated server and how much RAM is enough also when in the bios what to look for when setting up and install RAM and what changes need to be done in the bios for optimal performance?

ECC or non-ECC RAM / DDR , DDR2 or DDR3 RAM : What is the difference and why should I use one over the other?

This server is running three different servers two are for public gaming (halo combat evolved each hosting 16 players each) and 1 other one for private TeamSpeak server (a non - public server hosting 32 people)
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  1. 1) If your motherboard is a server based board, I would run ECC memory. I would make sure it is been tested by the manufacturer or on the QVL certified for the board. You want to look for all items that have been tested or certified to prevent potential issues.

    2) Certified memory should run with nothing or only minor changes in the BIOS. I would review the manual for how to adjust your DRAM FREQUENCY, Speed (MHz) & Latency.

    3) ECC stands for Error Checking & Correcting of the memory. It is a feature where the RAM checks itself for errors & corrects. It is widely used on servers to increase the stability of the system. Standard PC's use non-ECC since there is no real benefit on those types of systems.
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    Yes it should be server qualified board, for the RAM it is a good idea to read the manual that came with the motherboard you use as a server - DDR3 much faster. Usually the minimum memory for a server is 8Gb.
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