NVIDIA or ATI? (High range)

Ok so if I were to trade in my (probably defective) ATI Radeon 5850 for about £260 pounds (390$) store credit, and wanted to buy a new graphics card, which one should I buy? (I could probably go up to say £280 pounds (420$) or so.)

I was a life-long GeForce user, but after my old GeForce 8800 GT fried about six weeks ago (after two years of loyal service :) I looked around and it really seemed like ATI had the jump on nVIDIA with the powerful but (relatively) affordable Radeon 5850. After a while though it looks like the 5850 is turning out to be a disappointment. I'm having constant troubles with black square artifacts, jagged edges, weird jagged shadows, and games slowing down.

At first I thought about just getting a new 5850, but I'm getting pretty disillusioned with ATI so I'm keeping myself open to going back to nVIDIA. Thoughts on my choices?
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  1. Did you completely remove your old 8800 GT drivers before installing your HD 5850 first? If you didn't, I suggest you try that now. If you have though, then I'd try another HD 5850. If you don't mind heat issues and power consumption issues, then the GTX 470 is also a good choice ($350 USD). Otherwise I'd try and get another HD 5850.
  2. I did run Driver Sweeper, didn't find a thing. Though Physx is still installed I think, is that a problem? I found I couldn't even start many games without it. What the hay I'll run Driver Sweer again just in case. :)

    So its basically a choice between the HD 5850 and the GTX 470?
  3. Ok I ran Driver Sweper again, and I'm starting to feel kinda stupid...

    The search turned out 10 "nVIDIA - Chipset" hits (1 of type "file", 9 of type "registry"), and 2 "nVidia - Physx" hits (1 of type "directory", 1 of type "registry").

    Should I remove them? I have an ingrained dislike of removing anything with the word "Chipset" in it :). I also found I cannot open some games at all without nVIDIA Physx. What should I do?
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