Realtek Hd issues

Im currently running xp sp3 with the latest Realtek Drivers

Main Circuit Board b
2.67 gigahertz Intel Core i5 750
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
MSI Global Board: P55-CD53 (MS-7586) 1.0

I have been googling and attempting a fix for a while So far I have encountered this problem in

Counter Strike 1.5
All Points Bulletin

In all other situations sound seems to run fine but when any of these app's are running the sound "crashes" after about a minute, by crash I simply mean stops working, there are no error messages and the realtek audio manager remains open however master volume shortcut on the taskbar disappears and appear greyed when accessed via the control panel. I've tried the latest realtek drivers and reverted to most of the latest releases to no avail. Any light on the situation would be extremely helpfull
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  1. I know this sounds a bit hasty,but have you considered updrading to Windows 7 or Vista?
  2. Update your mb’s BIOS, that will almost certainly work. V.1.9 is new last month: This should work

    This fix definitely works for Intel-branded X55 motherboards with the same problem.

    If that doesn't work, you say you have the latest Realtek drivers, but
    (second driver down): there was an update about three months ago, might want to check.

    Still no, open the case and make sure your TPM Module connector is secure on the MB.

    Next, in the ‘BIOS > Integrated Peripherals,’ there is an HD Audio “enable” selection, make sure that’s on.

    Finally, I’d say check the ‘Properties’ or ‘Preferences’ of the software that’s crashing the Realtek. There might be an HD enable selection.

    Good luck.
  3. Windows XP even if it is SP3 installing and uninstalling drivers are not that all easy, If you prefer you can use driver cleaner to wipe the old driver installed then try the new driver for realtek - But then you could also try Tesaga suggestion to upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista.
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