I`m going to buy LED samsung

i`m going to buy a "Samsung Premium PX2370 23" 1920 x 1080 5000000:1 Widescreen LED Monitor'' ,but my computer doesnt have an HDMI output,what i should do,if i want an HD quality on my monitor,and i donw wanna use just DVI cable,they say i have to buy a new video card with HDMI output,or just a convert cable ,DVI to HDMI,pls help
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  1. Why don't you want to use DVI? It will work just fine.
  2. ^+1 like he said.
    nice monitor btw!
  3. because i saw both of them at the same time just today at ''bestbuy'',
    one monitor was connected to an HDMI cable,another was just DVI,guys,that was a difference between those 2 monitors!
    btw i think this is a good time to change my old video card,its ATi Radeon HD 2400 pro,with a highest resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels,i`m not sure about this card but i think this is the cause of my "dry eye" of using this monitor and computer over 3 years.I`m such a nooby in it. any suggestion would be really appreciate,thnx
  4. Based on what you are saying, I assume you are implying that the one connected via HDMI looks better than the one connected via DVI? If that's the case then you need to specifically state that. This is not the game show "Jeopardy" you know.

    HDMI and DVI are basically the same connection, but the pins are arranged differently and HDMI can also carry audio as well. Now it is possible that the DVI port on the video card and/or the monitor is/are defective. The point is, if everything is working properly, there should be no image quality difference between the two connections.
  5. I just bought in Person at Best Buy a new LCD monitor. A LG W2340VG
    It rocks. I never liked my 3 year old Dell 20inch. Its white , was very yellow.
    This model is glossy. My driving games, dirt2, NFS shift are way more 'sweet' now.
    Great upgrade for me. I turned a couple of display models over , to make sure I bought one with the correct available connections, that I wanted.
    I hate to say this, but BB probably wanted to sell you , one of their expensive HDMI cables.
  6. ok guys ,lets say im going to buy only a monitor ,no hdmi cables,no video cards,does it gonna make feel better my eye(its very dry after 20 min sitting at the PC (they were`t before like that),the doctor sad i have to change my monitor or resolution of my monitor,i did the second- no results,now its time for the 1-st :)),
    or it still depends on a video card?as i sad before its--''ati radeon HD 2400pro, 400 MHZ,,256MB''
    i understand u r not ophthalmologists,but as i can see u r not noobs like me -_-
    and really big thank you to you
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