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Hey guys! Just bought all my parts for a new computer. Did an external build and all went well! Now I come to the drive part... How exactly do I connect the Dvd drive and hard drive? And what do I connect it to?

I got everything worked out, except these two things... Do they connect to each other or what?

They are both SATA by the way.
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  1. You connect both of them to empty SATA ports on your motherboard.
  2. alright i think i got that part sorted out... I just needed a question to be answered, If i have an old monitor that only has a VGA plug, I will have to remove the graphics card to run it right? (Asking because of A6 error every time I have the card in). This wouldn't be a problem if I had a new monitor with the required plug in thing right? I'm just curious cause that's arriving here tomorrow.
  3. The old graphic card do not need to remove, what is "A6 error"? there is a link about "A6 error",
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