Would a raid 0 benefit a gaming server?


Like to get some input would a raid 0 benefit a gaming server?

This server is running three different servers two are for public gaming (halo combat evolved each hosting 16 players) and 1 other one for private TeamSpeak (a non - public server 32 people)

- thanks
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  1. It'd likely load new maps quicker, but other than that the performance difference will likely be negligible. Also, RAID 0 doubles your chance of HD failure (if either drive fails, the whole partition fails.)
  2. Hi Dekasav,

    So than 6 smaller drives in a raid 10 would be the better thought and safer?
    And thank you for your comments
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    Raid 0 is not a true Raid - for a server you choose between Raid 5 or 10.
  4. Hi dEAne,

    Would a raid 10 be faster than 5? And how big of drives do you suggest?

    And thank you for the input
  5. You won't see any performance benefit from having a RAID - it doesn't matter how quickly anything loads on the, the data rate coming out to your client apps will be slow enough to negate that speed.

    Having a RAID 1 will give data stored on the server some fault tolerance though.
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