Upgrade Pentium 4 To Play Games

Hello.I have these Pentium 4 specs which I hope, I will get advise on to play latest games:

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate(32 Bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz with Hyper Threading
RAM: 1.25GB
GPU: Intel 865g(looking to upgrade,No AGP Or Pci-E slot.Only Pci slot)
System Cooler:Custom Fan(Normal Fan)

If there are any suggestions on parts to upgrade to play latest games please help me.And Windows 7 index experience rate my base score 1.0 which is very bad for gaming(I heard).
Thank you all for your help and answer
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  1. How much can you spend on an upgrade?
  2. Post a budget. You need a complete upgrade if you hope to do any gaming. I doubt any parts of that old thing will be reusable. You need a new motherboard, processor, memory, power supply, graphics card , hard drive and probably a new case. Also when you do upgrade you will probably want Windows 7 64bit.
  3. Yeah.... you're gonna need a new CPU, Mother board, RAM, and GPU if you want to do any gaming. List your budget and your full specs to see if there is anything salvageable.
  4. The cheapest upgrade you can do is to buy a mobo that supports an AGP card but will take your CPU and ram. You can then buy an AGP card. The mobo will probably have to be used, the AGP card could be new. It won't be great, but it should let you play 800x600, or 1024x768 if your lucky. Depending on the board and GPU you buy this will probably run around $100-$150.

    You're better off saving up more money and getting a new mobo with a CPU, ram, etc. You can reuse your drives, but you'll need about $300-400 for this option.
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