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hello, i am trying to upgrade my moms computer. she has 2 ide hard drives which i bought adapters for to sata. the new computers motherboard semms to only support windows 7 and 8 and her operating system is xp. when i put the old hard drive containing the operating system in the new pc, it didnt recognize it in bios. i plugged it back into the old computer and it makes a clicking sound and isnt recognized. the second hard drive no longer shows up in the old computer either. i plugged the one that was not making a click sound into my new computer and it spins but isnt recognized.

is the one clicking broken? and what could be causing them not to be read, a driver issue? i think that the hard drives should at least show up even if the drivers are not compatible with the new build, but what really gets me is that the old computer wont even recognize it. please help my mom is a nervous wreck without her computer
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  1. May be your bios disable sata port,restore the bios to default setting,and try again.
  2. i have the hard drive read now, but the one tht clicks is not doing anything useful. ill need to get a identical drive and try swapping circuit boards
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