First intel build.

So I'm starting my first intel build this weekend so I had a few questions. First my specs are
Intel core I7 950
Asus rampage III formula
Corsair XMS3 1333 6gb triple channel
Sapphire 5970 2gb using eyefinity3
Samsung 23" x3 monitors @ 5760x1080 res
WD caviar black 1tb
Corsair hx850 watt
Antec 1200 case
Possilbly picking up a cm v6gt HSF

I will NOT be overclocking for awhile at least till the new wears off lol

Ok question 1: what is the stock voltage I set in the bios for the i7 950
I know theirs an auto voltage feature but with my amd 955,cmy old mobo would set it way too high for stock speeds so I dont trust it. Old mb was a asus m3a78-t in case your wondering

Question 2: since I'm using 1333 ram and my mobo runs native 1066/1333 will I have to manually set my voltage and timings for them. I bought this ram specifically because it runs at 1.50v instead of 1.65v.

Question 3: are there any settings that are similar to AMD cool n' quiet that would throttle the i7 that I should turn off?

This rig is purly for gaming If that makes any difference with Q.3. Thank you very much for any info on this.
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  1. 1 According to Intel 0.800V-1.375V
    2 Not necessarily but you can check and correct
    3 Intel Speed Step is the counterpart to Cool and quiet.
  2. So if i set it to 1.375v will it always run there or will it adjust accordingly. Like I said I had my 955 set to auto and didn't think anything else about it then I noticed my temps were getting high during gaming so I check my bios and it had my vcore at 1.435 for stock speeds. I manually set it to 1.375 and it lowered my temps about 10c. This is why I want to be sure before I put mu i7 in. Thanks for the fast reply btw
  3. If you manually set it, it will stay at that setting. My guess is that .8 is when downclocked (speed step) and 1.375 is under load.
  4. No don't tweak anything yet just run it and enjoy. You have same mobo with my brother and he is very satisfied with the set up it is a hell of a build.
  5. I wouldn't worry about manually setting the voltage unless it reads extremely high in CPU-Z. I also wouldn't disable speedstep, personally.
  6. Why not speed step just out of curiosity
  7. Because it saves power and reduces the heat output and voltage of your CPU without appreciably affecting performance.
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    If your not going to be overclocking it set the cpu voltage to normal. set your mem profile to xmp profile 1 or just leave it alone, it won't matter. leave turbo, eist, and other cpu functions enabled. With the cpu set at normal voltage you wil see a use of .9 to 1.22 volts. depending on processor core state. Right now with my I7-920 clocked @ 3.8 ghz, and my coltage set at 1.275, I'm seeing it at 1.22 volts at the max. Your voltages will vary. Whatever you do, don't set voltages tlo automatic.
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  10. ok i just read the manual online and as far as i can tell, the cpu voltage is set to either Auto, or manual i dont see a normal option... any thoughts?
  11. set it to manual and go 1.275, it will at the most use 1.22v
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