What other parts do i need?

After i've picked out all of my components that are going into my new build, is there anything else that I need to buy in terms of actually installing and building the system?

I picked up some thermal paste for the heatsinks and an anti-static wrist strap for assemebly. Is there any other cords, tools, etc. that i would need (besides screwdrivers) to install and connect? I'm worried that i'll get all my parts and then not be able to connect something like the harddrive to the power supply or something stupid like that.
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    Assuming you didnt get an open box motherboard, it will come with all the SATA and IDE cables you might need, after that all you needs is a Phillips head screw driver, the case front panel connectors are already attached to the case, and the power supply will come with all the power connectors you need.
  2. Motherboard
    CPU Cooler (if needed)
    Thermal Paste (if needed)
    Hard Drive
    Graphics card

    Screw Driver

    and thats about it, most screws come with your case and your PSU will have all the power connectors you need
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