PSU Question: High Wattage

Thinking on purchasing: CORSAIR Professional Series AX1200 1200W
Reason: Tri/Quad Crossfire 5850x2 (3 in the future?)/5970x1

Question: How will this high wattage power supply affect the power of my home? I currently run a 750, but from what I understand running such a high power supply might force me to use every other plug in the room or something of the sort. I live in an older home, build in 1952.

Does the PSU draw a normal amount of power then store it in capacitors?

Thank You.

I currently run 2 5850's off of my 750 Corsair with no issues.

Other Thoughts:

ASUS P6T Main board.
i7 2.8Ghz
4GB Patriot Sector 5
XFX HD5850s in Cross Fire
250GB Sata II
250GB Sata II
Corsair 750watt
Windows Vista Professional 32bit

I will probably be adding water cooling to my cpu prior to going tri/quad cross fire, with plans to over-clock the cpu for better performance in cross fire. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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  1. If you are on 115 volts and the PSU is 80% efficient at max power you will be pulling 13 amps out of the socket std breakers are 15 amp. Changes that you will ever get close to full load are very slim and most likely the highest you see is 60 to 70% so you have little to worry about.
  2. Corsair 750 (750W) PSU is a good one. HX750 is a modular type.
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