Suggest me a suitable graphics card.

I'm planning to buy a new PCI Express card for my system.
My System configuration is:
ASUS A8VMX Monther board
AMD Athlon 64
512 DDR1

Please suggest me a latest graphics card for this system. If possible, please provide its price ranges.
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  1. Since your board only has an AGP port and no PCI-E 16x slots a 4670 is about the best you can get for it these days

    but you can get a 4650 which is slightly slower for significantly less

    neither of them have significant power requirements.
  2. Okay, I hate to break it to you, but your motherboard only has AGP.

    It does have a PCI-e 1x port, but that is not actually used for a video card because of extremely limited bandwidth.

    The best you can hope for is an AGP HD 4670 for $104 + shipping after a $20 mail-in rebate:

    The PCI-e 16x version is as low as $63, but you cannot use it.

    If I were you I would bite the bullet and save up money for a new PC. You have very limited RAM and spending $104 to upgrade it is not really worth it. You will see some gaming improvement, but overall you will be limited to playing older games (circa 2004 - 2005 at best).
  3. Aww man, got beat.
  4. Thanks hunter315 & jaguarskx for your quick replies.

    After reading your suggestions, I think its better to buy a new PC than buying a lower performance Graphics card. and Now I'm seriously thinking about it.
  5. For upgrading a machine that old it usually is best to start new. If you let us know what your budget is we can help you build a good one that can be upgraded down the line, to save on money you can atleast reuse the optical drive and the HDD(but you need to reinstall the OS) if you need to keep costs down.
  6. My budget is between $500 - $650(approximate amount, my currency is INR).

    I'm using two OSs at a time. XP and Ubuntu.
    I'm using windows only for gaming(My brother uses it more than me for gaming :) ) and rest of the time in Ubuntu.

    Actually I'm not giving higher priorities to gaming. so a less performance in gaming is not a matter for me.
  7. You can build a decent AMD based PC for that price that would work fine for your needs, provided that you reuse parts like Optical Drive/ keyboard/ mouse / monitor etc.
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