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Gpu and sc2

i upgraded my gpu on my dell stuido 540 q9400 2.6 8gigs ram 1tb hd so i up graded from a 9800gt to a evga gtx460 1028 SC i also put a 650 corsair power did all the drivers and that everything seen to be working ok but when i play star craft2 it still lags seems to run the same on the 9800gt good 120 fps last night on the 9800 and under 40 today on the gtx460 i should beble to run this game on full i have a acer 3d monitor ive testted my internet at speed test and i have minimul programs installed im using kaspersky pure
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    O, the virtues of punctuation...

    There are two possibilities here. Firstly, which driver version are you running? It may be worthwhile re-installing the Nvidia driver to see if that clears up the problem.

    Secondly, SC2 doesn't really benefit from quad core CPU's over duals; it likes high clock speed. Your Q9400 only runs at 2.6GHz, so there is a chance you will not notice the benefit of a faster GPU since the CPU is holding the game back.
  2. so was the 460 a waste of money
  3. No necessarily; the rest of your system may need to play a bit of catch-up. First try clearing out and re-installing the drivers to see if that helps.

    If you are comfortable with the idea of overclocking, pushing your CPU to 2.8 or 3.0 GHz may help as well.
  4. That's what I been thinking about but it's at Dell studio 540 and lots of Ppl say you can't oc prebuilt plus I'm new and I don't wanna wreck what I have is there a step by step guide to oc that would be nice
  5. It depends, unfortunately. If the Q9400 has an unlocked CPU multiplier, you could OC it simply by raising the multiplier (Base clock x multiplier = CPU clock). If not, you have to raise the base clock itself, which will affect other components as well. All of this is dependant on your CPU model and what the motherboard BIOS will allow you to do. It also helps to have decent cooling so your CPU doesn't overheat from the (potentially) increased power output.
  6. Its a Dell, as far as I know they dont let you adjust the multiplier or the baseclock. Everything is pretty well locked down in the bios OC-wise.
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