4 pin cpu socket asrock z 68 pro3

hi all,,,
currently i have amacrox free earth 88+ 500 w and asrock z68 pro 3

now, the asrock has 8pin cpu socket...while my psu have only 4x2 pin...
and the cable can't reach the socket....
so now i bought the nzxt sleeve extension cable...

what i am asking is :
do i have put the 4x2 pin to 8 pin cable or do i just need 4 pin to 8 pin..
is there any differences in that

sorry if my question is too basic since im new to this...
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    Read the manual!

    Though this motherboard provides 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, it can still work
    if you adopt a traditional 4-pin ATX 12V power supply. To use the 4-pin ATX power
    supply, please plug your power supply along with Pin 1 and Pin 5.
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