Retiring me Dell

So I am finally retiring my Dell from 2004.

Its a p4 with 128 MB ATI Radeon 9800 PRO. It has like an 80 GB maxtor, a 500 GB Western Digital, 2 GB of DDR and is running, windows 7 Professional.

I had and LG 19 inch but just the other day, the monitor bit the dust ( it was bleeding hardcore on the right side) and all it does is whistle this high pitch.

So, new build time IMO. I cant play any games anymore and have been wanting to go back to PC FPS for a while now.

What I have built should allow for this and future upgrades.

So it goes like this

I have

Azza Solanos Full TOWER
The i7 930
Corsair 1600 triple channel 6gb DDR3
Thermaltake 750 modular p/s
LG BluRay Rom/DVD writer

And I am stuck on what to do about the motherboard and grapics card,

I know I want an X58 board, from asus, evga or gigabyte and im fine with the video card being from either of these companies.

And I want to keep it under 550 bucks.

And if you want to throw in a suggestion as regards to a monitor it'll be appreciated.

I'm also going with an LG gaming mouse, the g series I believe. I already have the keyboard.

I've been reading all kinda of customer reviews on gigabyte, asus and evga boards. It seems to me that igabyte has the least heat issues, but I know I havent read half as many reviews for gigabyte as I have for asus and evga.

Just wondering what you everyone thinks.
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  1. You should get an ati card if you want to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. opps, and by lg I meant logitech for my mouse.
  3. I have been reading ati cards run cooler.

    But something tells me Nvidias (on paper) should perform better. (excuding the 5970)
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