Ram for an Intel Brookdale-G i845GE

I'm trying to improve the performance of a friends computer and the main bottleneck seems to be the RAM. He currently has 256MB and I'm going to upgrade it to either 1gb or 2gb. I need something as low cost as possible so I'll be using Ebay for this I think.

I installed Everest on there and I've done some searching and I think I've found the type of RAM I need, but I thought I'd post here in the hope of getting a 'yes that's right' or a 'nope, try again' from a few of the experts on here.

Here's the info I have:

Intel Brookdale-G i845GE
FSB = FSB400, FSB533
Supported Memory Type = DDR-266 SDRAM, DDR-333 SDRAM
Max = 2GB

There are two memory slots and currently installed is one stick of 256mB PC2700 DDR SDRAM

I saw this somewhere on Everest (can't remember where now) and it threw me a little - "760pin FC-BGA". I'm guessing it has nothing to do with the RAM. I'd figured I needed 184pin DIMM, is that correct?

I've found the following on Ebay. I'd be very grateful if someone could take a quick look and let me know if I'm on the right track?




Many thanks for your help,
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  1. I saw in third is 1gb DDR1. That is right , for according to intel website your mobo maximum 2GB of ram
  2. Thanks Henydiah. I'm unsure about this bit in the description:



    Is any of that relevant to my desktop install?

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