2 Separate Audio Stream Outputs From 1 Computer

I would like to have 2 separate audio outputs for DJing, one for the main music output and one for previewing Que locations and music tracks with headphones, how do i manage this?
~DJ DalaiZkar~
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  1. The ONLY way this can be accomplished from within Windows is if one of the programs you are using allows you to select a non-default sound output.

    For instance, for 99% of what I do, I use my default output device to output sound to my TV. For music, I have Winamp configured to output to my G35 headset instead. In this case, I can have two output streams at the same time.
  2. I would like this too. I just have a hi-fi system and HDMI TV, i want to use both. i can disable one and use the other but i want both at the same time. i want to use itunes. Does it let me use both?
  3. ^^ Again, ONLY if the program allows you to manually select a non-default audio output device.,
  4. Do you have any suggestions of what software would allow you to do this?

    I work in a medical facility and some of our examinations may take an hour or more. We would like to play music for our patients: without generic musak being piped all over the department. We hope to allow them to pick the genre but cannot afford two seperate sets of equipment. MP3 players get stolen, lost or misplaced - cannot afford to replace them and earphones or earplugs offer a hygene barrier. So I am very interested in this.

  5. I know Winamp gives the option to select a sound output device; I use it regularlly to listen to music over my headset while the rest of my PC's audio can be outputted to my TV speakers. Other audio programs may as well, but I use winamp for most everything, so I wouldn't know. :D
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