CF 5770 vs Geforce GTX 470

I'm building a new computer and I am having a hard time picking a GPU. I debating putting in 2 ATI 5770's in crossfire or a Geforce GTX 470. Whats the best setup? I'm using the Intel 930 as a processor on a ASRock X58 extreme 3 motherboard.
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  1. Even though Crossfire does not scale that well compared to SLI, I would suggest the CrossFire setup because its cheaper(though not by much - perhaps around 30$), as well as being more efficient than a GTX 470.Note that you have added benefits like CUDA, PhysX, etc with the 470 and with the release of the 256 version of ForceWare drivers, there are performance and stability improvements with the GTX 400 series GPUS.
  2. if your going for raw performance the cf 5770 is going to be the way to go, as the 5770 cf is ususally better then a 5870, but as tamz_msc said you'll miss out on some of the feature nvidia has to offer, but also higher power draw

    so if your going for max fps for the cf 5770 if you like the features nvidia is offer physx cuda 3d, but no equivalent eyefinity, then for the gtx 470
  3. I thought CF 5770 were somewhere between the 5850 and 5870. I'd be going with 1 card versus 2 cards if they were relatively the same power/price. Plus later down the road you always would have the option of going SLI/CF later.
  4. Very difficult question, what res are you gaming at? that will be the answer right there!

    Personally, I had exact question posed for my new build, and went single 5850 for now with another 5850 xfire when framerates get a little low on 1920x1080.. but for now I can play every single game I want maxed out( mind you metro is a monster but not a game I want to play)

    470 would be the choice though if you are looking at long term performance due to lowest common denominator being single 5770 performance when you have xfire scalability compatability if you can get a couple of cheap 5830, that would kick but over 470..

    Go on, xfire a couple of 5850, you know you want to!
  5. Personally, for the money, I'd rather go with one powerful single card.

    1 x ATI 5850
    1 x GTX 470

    This way, 6-12 months from now you still have room to upgrade and ADD SLI or Crossfire. Rather than being behind. Crossfire and SLI are meant to be upgrade paths (unless you have a ton of money). This way you can put in one really good graphics card, and add another later for a little less money when prices come down.

    Otherwise, you'll be replacing and trying to sell off 2 x ATI 5770's just to upgrade.

    ATI 5850 and GTX 470 are both great GPUs to use with 1920x1080 resolution and pretty much max out all your graphics options (with exception of Metro 2033).
    They did a article with these choices. There is no clear winner, they both look great throughout the review. I would go with the single card. For the reasons mentioned and one card o/c will be smoother than two. imo.
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