Problem when using 1 SSD + 2 HDD

First of all I will start with my rig:
Phenom 940 / GB MA780-UD3H / Crucial M4 SATA3 SSD / Samsung F3 2TB / Hitachi 1 TB (both drivers are SATA2) / Nvidia 560Ti + Nvidia 7200GS / running win7x64

Now about the problem:
Everything works fine, but when I reboot the PC, it loads normaly, but right before the password screen appears, the pc reboots again. Then I get 2 options - start win normaly (if I hit that one I get another restart right before the password screen) and if I hit the 2nd option - launch startup repair, after a while I get the msg that no problems were detected. I stopped the PC with the power button, powered it on again, choosed start win normaly, and it loads just fine....If I shut down the pc - next time i power it on it loads fine again. So the problem only appers if i restart the PC.

I tried several configurations:
I removed the 2hdds and left only the ssd and the PC works fine - reboot/load/power on/etc.; no issues
I tried each possible configuration - SSD + 1 HDD / SSD + 2 HDDs / SSD + 1 HDD with deleted partitions / I tried every single sata port on my mobo, every possible configuration - AHCI mode / SATA mode / IDE mode... no and no.

This issue is quite awkward, because I used to have 1 SSD + 3 HDDs for almost a year, and it worked like a charm. I removed one of the drives a couple of weeks ago and soon after that the problems started. I have NEVER experienced that issue before, and I'm not sure that it started immediately after I removed the drive.
I installed a second VGA lately (7200gs) but i have not tried to remove it and test, because I found out that the PC works fine with 2vgas + 1 ssd...

I taught it was an OS problem...I installed win 8x64 as a dual boot OS and I have the very same problem...even if I restart from 8 and try to load 7 - no success.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. doube check your bios is SET to and SAVING the ssd as the 1st boot drive. Make sure your bios is up-to-date. AHCI was enabled (as it should be) when you installed windows, it should be still. If it was not, keep off to boot but as soon as conveinent reinstall with AHCI for better performance. Keep it simple, one GPU, one OS (7), default partitions.
  2. 1) Yeah, my ssd is set as first boot drive
    2) Bios is up 2 date, but the latest bios for my mobo is 2010/07/13
    3) AHCI was enabled before win installation, AHCI is still on.
    4) I will remove the 2nd vga once I get home, but I need it, because i'm using 3 monitors.
  3. Make sure the SSD is one of the first set of SATA drives in your bios, like 1-4, then connect a hard drive and boot to bios and see if it's all the same, and check you boot device. If it 's not SSD then change it and save, reboot check bios again, NOW try to boot to windows.
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