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My CPU boots normally and the PC keeps working for sometime but suddenly it shuts down. My antivirus application is regularly updated and PC is routinely scanned.
There is no set pattern as sometimes it shuts down after 10 minute of usage and then on rebooting works for hours. But it does shutdown all by itself now and then.
I have checked and cleaned the RAM in case it has any particulate matters which might be causing problem.
Please advice.
Best regards,
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  1. I will check and revert back.
  2. For that matter, please post complete system specs.
  3. Download Orthos and Realtemp or Coretemp. Run orthos, start the test, run Realtemp, see what temperature your CPU gets to under load. It could be an overheating problem. Which can be fixed by cleaning and re-attaching the heatsink with some fresh thermal paste. This is not a difficult task.
  4. Anything shown in event viewer?
  5. Thanks but :( PC just boots and then shutsdown. Have given it to my hardware support vendor. PSU is Odyssey Oct 2008 450 W
    Can I take any preventive measures in future?
  6. And what according to you would be the cost of the same?
    Best regards
  7. India. It has AMD Athlon 3800 proc, 1 GB RAM, 160 and 500 GB HDD, DVD Drv, CD Drv rest of the specs I dont remember sorry.
    Best regards!
  8. You are so right. The hardware guy just called and said that even after changing power the problem is still there. Any advice?
  9. I will have to go over to his shop to check. Will look at the RAM solution too.
    Best regards
  10. there are instances when the power supply might be the problem, try using another one, and check also if all the power connectors are connected including the 12+v connector, I have seen machines with the same problems and it worked.
    best regards
  11. Hmm let me see what my hardware vendor does. It is very depressing when a PC is down. Maybe it is time for a new PC.
    Thanks everyone for your time and advice
  12. Hi Mal,
    As I had mentioned in my post, last couple of days my PC used to boot and I was working normally and it suddenly just shuts down by itself. No error nothing. I was not aware of how to check the CPU temp or the Fan speed. By the time I got the advice, my machine just booted and then within a minute or so shut down by itself. Now it has gone to the hardware guy, he has changed the SMPS and kept it under observation for a day. Is there anything else that I should have noted?
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