I have 64 gb installed but only 40gb available

Hello all,

i have 64gb of ram in my computer (new build) but the computer sees that i have 64 gb installed but only say 40gb is available to use.

I have Windows 7 ultimate

Asus Z8PE-D18 motherboard

I suspect it is a software/bios problem not a hardware problem
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  1. When you say ram do you mean memory or HDD? It sounds like you are talking about available disk space. If it is memory then you must have something running in the back ground to use that much memory. If it is disk space then you have 24 gigs of installed programs 40 gig of free space to use.
  2. it is memory and when i go onto MSINFO32 it says total memory 64gb available memory 40gb also when booting up it says A1,A2,A3 (slots in which 3 of my Rams are located say disabled but the computer can see that they are they im trying to find a way to enable them 3 i have 8 pieces of 8gb ram but only 5 available
  3. anyone?
  4. I suggest trying the Asus forum to find your answer for this one.
  5. Sorry you've not had a good response rate but as its a server set up, I'd try either the server section of toms, or as Cereal suggested, maybe Asus
  6. You can check the resource monitor. It should give an indication of how it's being used.
  7. If the BIOS shows all 8 modules but only 5 are enabled, you might have bent CPU pins. I don't know about your CPU, but with my core i5 1st gen, I had damaged a few CPU pins unknowingly, slots 1 and 2 worked fine, but when I added ram to slots 3 and 4 later I found I couldn't enable them. That CPU has the memory controller in the CPU though, others have it on the mobo.
  8. The cpu i have is Xeon x5690
  9. I think you got yourself the UDIMM.
    The board only support up to 48gb UDIMM and 144gb RDIMM.
    Return your UDIMM and get the RDIMM.
  10. My board can support upto 144gb it has 9slots for each cpu so 18 in total and each slot can have 8gb ram in them
  11. yes but 48gb for udimm (unregisted ram) while it can support 144gb rdimm (registed ram). The registed ram being already registed took the allocation stress off the chip.
  12. ref http://usa.asus.com/Server_Workstation/Server_Motherboards/Z8PED18/#specifications 48GB or 144GB

    ref http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=52576 288GB

    ^+1 Pyree
    Well it isn't the MOBO or CPU, but it depends upon what RAM: Capacity: Maximum up to 144GB (RDIMM)**, Maximum up to 48GB (UDIMM). The UDIMM is limited to 48GB.

    *Refer to ASUS Server AVL for latest update
    **Dual Rank 8GB Reg DIMM do not test yet

    Q - What exact RAM do you have installed?
    Q - What BIOS version? 1204 is required for your CPU which is the latest.
    Q - 1 or 2 Xeon installed?

    Fill DIMM slots DIMM_x1, then DIMM_x2, etc; see chart on 2-16.
  13. Crucial 8GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Registered CL9 Dual Rank 240pin DIMM x8

    i believe the one below the lastest (trying to update)

    and 1 xeon x5690
  14. also when it loads up it says A1,A2,A3 have failed CPU memory test
  15. Update the BIOS **FIRST** 1204 is required for your CPU which is the latest. The older BIOS lack the CPUID info, the result is your CPU is dummied-down and loosing functionality. After the BIOS flash the performance should significantly improve and probably will fix the RAM issue.

    The RAM needs to be in: DIMM_A2, _A1, _B2, _B1, _C2, _C1 oopsy, 8x8GB ALL A, B & C banks EXCEPT C3.
  16. I assume you had ensure the processor in the correct side of the ram and swap the ram stick to test for faulty hardware.
  17. We do have the updated version of the bios plus we have 8 peices of Ram which fit into A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2 but not C3 also we are able to load up the operating system plus the operating system sees total memory as 64GB but only 40GB available
  18. try msconfig>boot>advance option and uncheck maximum memory. Don't tell me its that simple.
  19. I edited the banks above, yep C3 needs to be empty.

    Researching the RAM now...
  20. ok problem now i went onto msconfig>boot>advance option and accidently turned maximum memory on but underneath with 0 and now it wont load
  21. The only 8GB listed are Dual Rank / Registered Crucial CT102472BB1339 http://www.crucial.com/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=9FE80D59A5CA7304 and the Registered 3X8GB kit CT3KIT102472BB1339 http://www.crucial.com/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=6F2D314CA5CA7304

    If the first DIMM Slots are failing then 'try' to test the A1, B1, C1 DIMM slots with 3 sticks.

    Per 2-26 I assume the jumper is in its' default 1.50v configuration; pins 1+2 with the jumpers.

    What are the voltages and are the modifiable in your BIOS?
    P1DDR3 Voltage
    P1VTT Voltage
  22. jfs123 said:
    ok problem now i went onto msconfig>boot>advance option and accidently turned maximum memory on but underneath with 0 and now it wont load

    Insert the Windows DVD and boot F8, use System Restore -> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/What-are-the-system-recovery-options-in-Windows-7

    The options should look like:
  23. kk cheers ill do that
  24. Q - What Part Number is the RAM?
  25. Ok well i off home now and wont be in my offices for another 3weeks so unfortuantly the other technician will have to solve this and im not sure where to look for the part number Thank you for the help i have told the other it technician what to do
  26. When a solution is found please post the 'fix'.
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