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Best Way to Recover Files from Reformatted External Hard Drive

This past weekend we had an issue at work where an employee accidentally re-formatted a SeaGate 1 TB external hard drive while trying to eject it. The format was the 30 second version and they were able to stop it before it was 100% complete. However, the drive is now titled "Untitled" rather than the usual "SeaGate..." and there are no files or folders present. The main files that I would like to recover are .jpeg, .mov, and .mp4 files that we are using for media projects. I am hoping to salvage as many of the original files as possible, save them to a different 1 TB drive, then re-format the original drive and transfer the files back over.

I have tried PhotoRec, Recuva (free version), and Aid File Recovery (free version) with very little luck. Can anyone recommend a program (free or otherwise) that can help get these files back? Thanks!
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    Most data recovery utilities shouldn't need the FAT tables or the file/directory information (which is what gets deleted with a quick format) to find your files.

    If the others haven't worked for you, you could try EaseUS data recovery wizard. The trial version will recover up to 1 gb of data. After that, the regular version is $70.

    good luck!

    I have used the kroll one before, when it was version 6.5 iirc, worked like a charm back then.

    Hope you can get your stuff back.
  3. Thanks guys/gals! I am trying EaseUS now. It says that it has identified a bunch of files, so that is a good start. If it doesn't do the trick, I will try kroll. I will keep you all posted. Again, thanks for the help!
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