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Hello guys want some phenom x4 955 heatsink is making hell of a the cooling isnt effective..i was thinking of changing the heatsink so need some specifications are case is only 7 inches wide
2.I have got only 2 fans
3.I live in INDIA where normal temperatures are around 35 C

Please give some suggestions about what i should buy..budget wont be around 40$..
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  1. What make & model is your case?

    Is there a website you usually buy from in India? Using or is pretty useless as they may not ship over to india or they may add taxes/surcharges for international shipping and the such.
  2. Actually all the good coolers and heat sinks are available here at any IT case is 7 inches wide..but i got space inside it..i just wanted a list of 3 4 heatsinks that would work gud in this budget is 40$ and the prices in INDIA are aroun 2$ less than that given at newegg.
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    I am using the coolmaster Hyper TX3 cooler. The heatsink fits to my medium tower 7" wide. Then I use k10stat to lower the voltage very slightly to lower the temperature. I hate the loud fan of the stock cooler and this one really quiet.
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