How loud is Caviar black?

I bought a gaming rig few weeks ago with 2 SDD (got one for free from buddy for OS space other one for games)
i was going to use my old hard drive from a few years ago for storage but it turns out its REAL slow, i do video editing and i cannot use that hard drive.. its terrible (its like 5+ years old)

i want to get Caviar black but i heard it is very loud, but how loud is it?
my PC has 2 140 MM fans and 3 40MM fans that are pretty loud and im always using a headset (megalodons)

will i be annoyed by the noise? or is it only when transferring files?

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  1. Its as just as good if not better than any other ones. Its a platter and an arm to search for data, Its going to be loud period.

    I've never heard of a PATA/SATA drive being completely quiet before.

    I have 2 of these drives, Awesome drives.
  2. Yeah i already ordered one, was just curious :)
  3. Nope, not too loud. as u can see from my avatar, I have plenty of case fans. They DEFINITELY produce more noise than my WD CB HDD's. They pretty much drown them out. Occasionally during boot up and shut down, when they are really seeking their little hearts out, you can hear them, but it's not like it's annoying or anything... They're great drives!!!
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