A bit confused over memory and pricing...

I'm looking at newegg and the memory they have on offer. There's one from G.SKILL which is 8gb DDR3 1333 (this one). And then there's one from CORSAIR that is 6GB DDR3 but it's 1600(this one).

The 8GB one is $76, but the 6GB one is $127.

Why is the one with less memory more expensive? Is the difference between 1333 and 1600 that much that 6GB of the faster one is better than 8GB of the slower one? And just how much is the speed difference, really?

I haven't read much into memory so I'm a bit confused here, and any advice would be appreciated!
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  1. 1)The 1333 is dual channel, and 1600 is triple channel. 1600mhz ram tends to be for higher end boards/cpus. so take a look at what your mobo supports
    2)Corsair is the higher class brand so it is more expensive to begin with.
    3)As for the speed diff. anything over 4gb is uneeded unless u video edit etc. so id go with higher timing. but you need to check your mobo to see if you have a dual or triple channel board.
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