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I have installed Windows 8 upgrade on my hard drive but my question is, can I install Windows 8 upgrade on the SSD If I have already installed on the hard drive? And If I can't, what other ways can I install Windows 8 on the SSD without having to buy another key?
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  1. clone the drive
  2. Can I use Norton Ghost to clone the drive?
  3. It is best not to place a clone OS image on a SSD.
    If you must:
    - update your firmware of your SSD to the current version
    - use a version of cloning software that is for SSD drives.

    In particular you are looking at proper file level TRIM support for your clone image software.

    If you don't your nice SSD will appear to fail quickly when the TRIM functions are rendered useless because they will not be executed on the imaged portion of your SSD.

    Your "life" of your OS on a SSD drive that was imaged poorly will be a function of how much reserved space the SSD uses and the amount of free space outside of the OS image.

    I have seen people image a small SSD, then fill it up and have it "fail" after 3 months.
    Even when there is nothing wrong with the drive. The drive electronics just thinks there is one file on the drive (the entire OS) and will not execute its TRIM functions until the file is deleted. (which never happens until you format and start over)
  4. So you recommend not to clone. Should I reinstall the OS on the SSD?
  5. cdinkha44 said:
    So you recommend not to clone. Should I reinstall the OS on the SSD?

    That is what I would do.

    Update the SSD firmware. Then wipe the drive under the win 8 install, you might get a strange delay after the format while the drive TRIM functions are being called but Win 8 has pretty good knowledge about the quirks of setting up a SSD and should do a pretty good job. You will have much better results in the long run if you let the OS install its own files and let the new subsystems do their thing.

    By the way, What clone software do you use?
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