2x Seagate 1TB in RAID 0 vs 1x WD Black 2TB FOR STORAGE

I'm new to this whole RAID thing but from what I gather, it should give me a performance boost vs just normally setting up the two drives.
How about when compared to the WD Black? Will the RAID 0 beat it? Apparently, the WD Blacks lack TLER so are not suitable for RAIDing.

My applications are mainly video editing and I am using the drives for storage. (already booting off of a 128gb SSD). I am aware of the data lost risks associated with RAID 0, but I'm looking for PURE PERFORMANCE here.

If RAID 0 is recommended, which Seagate drives should I use? I'm not too familiar with the various models.
I have read that the Samsung Spinpoint F3 is the best drive to use for RAID 0, but unfortunately I cannot obtain this drive in my country.

Thank you.
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