Should I suspect defective ram if it runs slower than before upgrading

The ram works fine in all other uses, and it seems to be fast enough for I can't really compare the speed of system in normal usage .

I upgraded my ram to 16gb from 8gb without changing the product, CPU from 2500k to 2600k.

I am encountering a notable slowdown in gaming. For example, it took me 1.5 seconds to play a month in Victoria2(strategy game) but now it takes up to 3, 4 seconds.

Should I suspect if rams are defective? If so, how could I go about testing them and tell they are working correctly or not?

Is it possible for some applications to run slower with 16gb ram than 8gb ram of the same products? I'm quite sad my extra cash has gone to waste.

Thank you for helping in advance.
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  1. Yes. Use cpu-z to check for ram quantity and speed. 1600 will list as 800. Memtest can check for errors
  2. Run each ram stick by itself. The defective ram should bsod a ton. If not, then it may be another problem.
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