3DMark Vantage results is this good?

3DMark Score P10255 3DMarks P63925 3DMarks
CPU Score 7006 56105
Graphics Score 12131

my system is E8400 running at 3.77 Ghz, gigabyte P43, 8GB DDR2 800 Bus, Sapphire 5830 on OCZ 600 Watt PSU, resolution is 1280 x 1024
actually, I didn't change any values I'm using the free trial of the software. Are my results good?
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  1. Your score is lower than normal but it has nothing to do with your system, your screen resolution is what is holding you back.
  2. my current screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 but the software used resolution of 1280 x 1024
    Is there any other software I can use?
  3. My bad I thought we were talking about 3dmark06, your numbers look right on par for your system.

    I score about 17k / CPU : 13100 / GPU : 18250 so basically the 2 extra cores and 5850 is the only difference. You can get a higher score if you overclock that 5830 to about 950/1250 =)
  4. I tried to overclock 4850 and I lost the card :(, or at least I couldn't fix it if it can be fixed so I will not overclock graphics cards anymore :(

    Thanks for your reply though :)
  5. so you have a 4850 or 5830?
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