Freenas and port forwarding

I installed Freenas on an old pc. I tried using the bittorrent program. Downloads work and are quiet fast, some over 1mb/s. Do I still need to forward the port and use a static IP?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I don't really understand what port forwarding actually does.
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  1. Port forwarding allows inbound connections, on a specific port, to pass through your firewall/router to a specific machine on your network. It is required if you are using NAT, as multiple machines behind the firewall all appear under 1 public IP address.

    I'm going to guess you need it to make your torrents available, there should be info in the documentation. If you have copyrighted info, it also makes those visible to your ISP or the RIAA if they are looking around though.
  2. Thanks for your help
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