Installing windows 7 after windows vista.

I have a laptop which is reaching its end... however, it has 2 partitions. The laptop is vista and i want to always have access to this copy of vista as it has programs and files on that i dont want to change or move. If i install win7 on a 2nd partition after windows vista will it install as a dual boot?

IE. i have the following setup

C: Vista
D: Empty

if i install win7 on D will i be able to boot to vista in C???

Many Thanks in advance...
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  1. I use to dual boot windows 7 pro and vista ultimate.

    If you follow these instructions it will boot , and give you a choice on which OS you want to use

  2. i have vista home premium installed already and only have access to windows ultimate. if it goes like

    C: vista home premium
    D: win7 ultimate

    will i be able to run dual boot it i install win7 after vista
  3. The link I posted above tells you how to do it either way
  4. Many Thanks
  5. No problem,Just follow the directions and it will run smoothly!
  6. Keep in mind that part of your Win7 install still resides on C:\ ..... if C:\ croaks, you can't boot to D:\
  7. I see no logical reason to run Vista and 7. 7 is based on Vista.
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